MODULE 3 Burning Alternatives


Chipping vegetation is an excellent alternative to burning and the chips can be used in mulch or compost.  As mulch, chips provide moisture retention, temperature moderation and weed control. As compost, the chips return nutrients to the soil.  Although some pollution will be generated by the chipper, the emissions are far less than if the material had been burned. Free or reduced cost residential chipping is available through various agencies in El Dorado County when funding is available. 

El Dorado County Fire Safe Council: The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, (530-647-1700) in partnership with El Dorado Disposal, and South Tahoe Refuse provides a Chipping Program and a Green Waste Dumpster Program along with many other valuable fire fuel reduction resources.  Please see the web sites linked below for the details of their programs:

Meeks Bay Fire Protection District and Lake Valley Fire Protection District periodically operate chipper programs.  They can be reached at: Meeks Bay FPD (530) 525-7548, Lake Valley FPD (530) 577-CHIP (2447).


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